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Simon Mikulcik

About Simon:

My name is Simon Mikulcik.  I am pursuing a double major in Computer 
Science (General Option) and Mathematics at EKU.  I have been 
programming various projects since middle school and have continued 
throughout high school and college.  I have always been fascinated about 
how computers can be used to solve problems easily that are very 
difficult otherwise.  Some of my favorite topics to explore are in 
simulation studies, graphics.  My projects have included a [virtual 
robotic drive system simulation] and an [experimental 2d raytracer].

About the Project:

Recently, I have investigated artificial intelligence programming. I use the 
Phaser game engine to provide the backend for my projects that 
demonstrate some concepts of AI.  The first app was an experiment to see 
if I could develop a cat AI to follow a laser pointer.  As you know, 
cats like to chase after laser pointers, but they won't pay attention if 
the pointer is too far away.  This program tries to capture the essence 
of a cat's interaction with a laser pointer into a web app/video game. 

Later I was researching the A* algorithm for pathfinding for one of my 
classes.  I borrowed the game engine and the graphics from the Laser 
Kitty Sim and added a grid world for the cat to live in.  Of course we 
had to give the cat a mouse to catch.  So this game is a turn-based game 
where the cat (the AI) tries to catch the mouse (you) in a randomly 
generated world.  This program was a fun application of my research in 
artificial intelligence. 

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