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Katie Burgess

About the project

I am making an adventure point and click game using JavaScript.  It will be a story game similar to R.L. Stine’s “Give Yourself Goosebumps” because there will be multiple ways to win and die.  Using Sketchup Pro 2014, I am building a replica similar to the historical “House of Horrors” that was built in the 1890’s by many different construction crews who were repeatedly fired and replaced by a man named Dr. Henry Howard Holmes.  H.H. Holmes made sure that he was the only one who knew the floor plan of his mansion, which included mazes, doors that opened up to brick walls, and staircases leading to certain death.  I’m excited to be working on a game that is based on a man who is considered to be America’s first serial killer.

About Katie

My name is Katie Hunter Burgess and I am from Berea, KY.  In 5th grade I moved to Okemos, MI where I lived for 9 years.  I started playing the violin in the 5th grade strings program and continued to play for my middle school, high school, and for the Lansing Youth Symphony orchestras.    In my youth I worked on my own projects that are similar to the “House of Horrors”.  I created multiple stop animation films using clay figures or pictures I made using Paint.  I received the Stephan Spielberg Award in middle school for a movie I made called “Monsters Falling Apart”.  The “house of Horrors” game is very similar to the stop animation films I have made because the majority of the project involves making pictures and using JavaScript combine them into a story. 

I lived in MI until I graduated from high school and was accepted into Berea College.  I studied Field and Organismal Biology at Berea and received my Bachelors of Arts degree in 2013.  I decided to attend EKU after learning about the Bioinformatics program.  I believe that bioinformatics is a very promising career for me and I am happy to combine my knowledge of biology with computer science.    

Contact Katie

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