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Women in Computing Conference

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An ACM Celebration
Kentucky Community Colleges - Women in Computing
March 30 - 31, 2017
Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Newtown Campus, Lexington, KY
(Celebration website)

Welcome Back, Colonels!

Feel free to come visit us in Wallace 417 to learn more about Computer Science programs!  We're looking forward to meeting you all!

CS Student Recognized for Entrepreneurial Skills - Daniel Marifjeren

On the first day of Dr. Scott Dust’s class in EKU’s School of Business, students are given $5 of seed money and one simple instruction: go make money. Many students do, in fact, make a modest return, but some truly grasp the big take-away from the exercise: that it’s not simply about the $5 but, rather, leveraging their knowledge, skills and abilities to generate a return.

New Course! INF 105

Title: New Entry-level 3D Printing Course


CS Grad Featured in April Alumni Spotlight

This month, EKU welcomes 2005 Honors Scholar Adam Curry into our Alumni Spotlight.  Graduating 

Colloquium by video game producer

As a kick-off to the Fall Game Jam, JoAnna Lio Amos, producer at Electronic Arts/Maxis, video conferenced with students and faculty from her EA office in California.  JoAnna has served as producer on multiple titles in the Sims franchise.  Her colloquium covered topics such as working in the video game industry.  She also spent over 30 minutes of time in questions and answers.&nb

EKU Fall Game Jam 2013 Winners Announced!

During the weekend-long game jam held on campus October 25th-27th, 25 EKU students came together and formed teams to develop games around the theme: "scary".  They were able to choose their own development tools, languages, and platforms.  As part of this marathon, 9 unique concepts were explored and developed and 6 were submitted for competitive scoring.  Scoring was b

Student Participates in Largest Student Hackathon

Koby Hastings

Koby Hastings, EKU Computer Science major, and Chad Peruggia, a student at Berea College applied and were accepted to participate in the MHacks: 2013 hackathon at the University of Michigan along with 1200 other student hackers.  During the weekend hackathon, September, 20-22, Koby and Chad developed an app called Fanwire.

Faculty presents research at the Library of Congress and International Workshop

Picture of Dr. George Landon Presenting

Dr. George Landon, Interactive Multimedia coordinator, recently traveled to Washington, DC to present his research on digitally restoring deteriorating safety acetate photographic negatives.  This research uses aspects of 3D Computer Graphics and Image Processing to virtually restore damaged negatives.  On Friday August 23rd, 2013, Dr.