November 2013

Colloquium by video game producer

Colloquium by video game producer

As a kick-off to the Fall Game Jam, JoAnna Lio Amos, producer at Electronic Arts/Maxis, video conferenced with students and faculty from her EA office in California.  JoAnna has served as producer on multiple titles in the Sims franchise.  Her colloquium covered topics such as working in the video game industry.  She also spent over 30 minutes of time in questions and answers.

EKU Fall Game Jam 2013 Winners Announced!

During the weekend-long game jam held on campus October 25th-27th, 25 EKU students came together and formed teams to develop games around the theme: "scary".  They were able to choose their own development tools, languages, and platforms.  As part of this marathon, 9 unique concepts were explored and developed and 6 were submitted for competitive scoring.  Scoring was b